By: adminxs On: June 20, 2016 In: Industry news Comments: 0

An article in Building Design and Construction highlights concerns around working environment and open plan versus privacy and seclusion

The trend over the past several years has been for open plan offices to foster collaboration and creativity within the workplace. But, increasingly, employees are experiencing more ‘cons’ than ‘pros’ due to the lack of privacy and the requirement to focus without interruptions.

A study by Oxford Economics, as stated in the aforementioned article, says that: “Employees’ top priority in an office environment is to be able to focus without interruptions. A global survey of more than 1,200 senior executives and non-management employees found that employees want office designs to foster the ability to concentrate, more than any other factor.”

This shift in workplace demands is driving the implementation of glass-walled cubicles, conference rooms and office spaces which support the open plan concept and aesthetic while providing the privacy and seclusion sought by employees.

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