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What are the trends in the glass market for 2017 compared to 2016?

We should be seeing more business on laminated glass due to government regulation.

Tell us more about laminated glass and the new legislation

Glass railing systems are used in a variety of residential and commercial settings for safety and the beauty glass adds to a structure. Laminated glass offers a variety of design options: the interlayer can be clear, tinted, or custom printed. The glass can be flat or curved, fully supported or minimally supported with bolts or clamps. Laminated glass offers a significant benefit over monolithic glass used in railings; namely, if breakage occurs, glass particles will adhere to the laminate interlayer increasing the likelihood of glass retention in the system.

A variety of glass and interlayer products can be incorporated into glass railing systems. Laminated, heat strengthened, and tempered glass products shall be specified in accordance with ASTM Specification C 1048. Products requiring the fabrication of holes and/or notches shall adhere to the guidelines contained in this standard. Laminated glass shall comply with ASTM Specification C 1172.

Laminated glass railing systems provide safety in many sports venues around the world. The metal top cap and handrail have been eliminated in some of these systems to afford spectators an unobstructed view onto the playing field. GANA LD 09-0311 3 glass railings in shopping malls and airports create an open feeling on the inside of a large public space. In the case of multi-story shopping malls, shoppers have a clear view of stores on other levels. In airports, glass railings may be situated next to moving walkways. In both cases, public safety is a primary concern. Laminated glass railing systems can also be installed in exterior applications. If the laminate edge is not covered, additional consideration should be given to the interlayer type and glazing system design.

In terms of popular glass products, what are they?

Clear glass has always been the primary choice, but lately we have seen an increase on diamante due to the clarity in the glass.

In terms of colors (back-painted glass) – what are the most popular and what is this glass product typically used for?

Color is determined by the customer based on the application and matching surface, so it varies. Painted glass can be used anywhere, although the most common application is back for a kitchen or bathroom backsplash and desktops.

What are your customers telling you about using glass in design?

More architects and customers have been using more glass and less metal due to clarity and a cleaner look on their applications.

Why do customers work with VGD? What’s the value-add?

Customer service, product knowledge, manufacturing capabilities and comparative pricing

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